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The Integrative Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) program provides experienced teachers (PreK–8) the opportunity to strengthen their ability to offer quality integrated STEM experiences for students in their own classrooms, and encourage students to enter STEM-related fields. It will prepare graduates to be leaders and mentors within their schools and districts in integrating STEM into the curriculum. Integrative STEM Education is a multi-disciplined approach that focuses on inquiry-based pedagogy and practices that integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics strategies and practices in the classroom. Graduate students, who complete the program in iSTEM, or Interactive STEM, may choose to continue their education toward a master of arts degree. Completing this program does not lead to any licensure.

Employment Outlook

There has been a national push to increase STEM education in the K-12 schools in order to encourage more people to enter STEM related careers. Efforts to increase interest in the STEM fields need to start early as there is evidence that students in the United States are continually falling behind peers in other countries in regards to science and math scores. According to Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (T.I.M.M.S.), by 8th grade students in the United States are ranked 15th out of 45 countries in math abilities and ranked 9th out of 25 countries in science. This provides evidence that more needs to be done at the K-8 levels to increase students' abilities and interests in STEM disciplines. Given the aforementioned information, we see potential need for K-8 schools to have teachers who are experts in integrative STEM.


Julie Reinhart, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University at Bloomington. Julie is an Associate Professor in the School of Education and the Director of the STEM Education Center.

Jane Lundin, M. Ed has 30 years of education experience in Orland School District 135 serving as a kindergarten teacher; middle school assistant principal; elementary school principal; co-coordinator/facilitator of the following elementary school programs/committees: professional development, assessment, evaluation, safe school, strategic planning, reading/language arts, mathematics and science.

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For more information, please contact the Graduate Admission Office at graduateadmission@sxu.edu or 773-298-3053.