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Graduate Programs FAQs

Secondary Education Program FAQs

Who is eligible to apply to the program?

Any individual with a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education.

What if I teach at a private OR CPS school? Would I be able to complete my field experiences in my classroom?

You may use your classroom for a portion of your field experiences and student teaching. 

What is a cohort?

A cohort group is a group of graduate students who take a sequence of courses leading to a degree together.

What is the cost of the program?

You can view the cost of the program in the Summary of 2016-2017 Cost (PDF).

Where do I do my field experiences?

At a site designated by Saint Xavier University's Department of Education. If you work at a school, you might use your school for a portion of your field experiences. 

What if I leave my cohort and later decide to rejoin?

If you leave your cohort due to unforeseeable circumstances and inform your advisor, you may be readmitted and join another cohort when the sequence of courses allow. You might have to pay a new rate of tuition if you have to join a different group. You also have to comply with rules governing the cohort to which you are re-admitted.

How do I apply for the licensure?

Once you complete the required coursework and have passed all the state test(s), you must attend a workshop and contact the Licensure Officer who will forward the application form to you. Complete the forms online and return them in order to be referred for entitlement. 

How many state tests are required for the license?

 Three tests: 

1. Evidence of completing one of the following tests:

  • Illinois test of basic skills (ITBS #96 or #300, taken within the last 10 years) or Test of Academic Proficiency
  • ACT plus writing with a score of 22 or above (previous tests taken with 10 years from admission acceptable)
  • SAT (mathematics and critical reading) with a score of 1030 or better (previous tests taken with 10 years from admission acceptable)
  • More information regarding the ACT and SAT in lieu of the tap can be found in the Test of Academic Proficiency (PDF).

2. Content Area Test

3. APT for 6-12 (#103)

What if I do not want to receive my master's degree because it reduces my chances of finding a job?

Having a master's degree will not be a disadvantage for hiring an individual. But you may apply for jobs while you are student teaching and continue your education toward the completion of the degree. 

What if I work during the day?

All our cohort classes meet in the evening, but you have to be prepared to do your field experiences during the day (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.) when schools are in session. 

What if I am already a licensed teacher?

You will take the coursework along with the group but do a practicum instead of a student teaching.

Is student teaching in summer a possibility?


Will I have to take any additional courses for my major?

The Admission Committee will review your transcript to ensure that your undergraduate coursework (especially in the areas of Science and Social Sciences) meet the standards.  If there is any deficiency, a list of courses will be mailed to you. 

How do I sign up for the state tests?

You can apply online by visiting the Illinois Licensure Testing System website.