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Tamara V. Korenman, Ph.D.

Tamara KorenmanAssociate Professor of Education

Email: korenman@sxu.edu

Area of Specialization

Curriculum and Instruction, Social Science Education, Geography Education, Teacher Education, Performance Assessment, Literacy in Content Areas, After-School and Enrichment Programs, and Their Impact on Youth.


Dr. Tamara Korenman was born in Soviet Union and grew up during the Cold War. Being a social studies teacher in Voronezh, Russia, for 11 years, she taught classes in Russian and World History, Citizenship and Ethics. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, when international travel and study abroad become possible for Russian citizens, her family arrived to Manhattan, Kan., where Dr. Korenman started her Ph.D. program in 1996.

After successfully defending her dissertation in 2001, she accepted a position at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kan. During her six years of teaching at Bethany, Dr. Korenman was active as a scholar, presenting at professional conferences and publishing her research. In 2005, Dr. Korenman accepted a faculty position at Saint Xavier University's School of Education and began her exciting career at this school.

Dr. Tamara Korenman teaches in a variety of undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in teacher education, supervises student teachers and collaborates with school partners. Dr. Korenman is a leader for the Secondary Education Program, as she oversees the program curriculum and ensures meeting state and national accreditation requirements.

Dr. Korenman is a leader and an active member of a number of school, university and community-based committees; she explores, promotes and advocates conditions to maximize the efficiency of learning experiences for all students.

Courses Offered

Selected Publications

Fallahi, M., Korenman, T., & Zhao, L. (2010). Education experienced by foreign-born faculty whose native countries have undergone major socio-economical changes. US-China Education Review, 7(2), 45-54.

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