Graduate Programs

Dual Master's Degrees

MBA/MACS Program

The MBA/MACS is designed to meet the needs of those individuals aspiring to move into a management level position in Internet information systems.  When completing the MACS program first, students are allowed to enroll in an accelerated MBA program eliminating on core course MGMT 530 - Operations and Technology and eliminating an MBA concentration.  Students should first apply for the MACS program.  One year into the MACS coursework, students should then apply to the MBA program.

MACS Core (36 Credit Hours)

ACSG 500 Current and Future Trends of the Internet (4.5)
ACSG 505 Project Management for Information Technology (4.5)
ACSG 520 TCP/IP Architecture and Protocols (4.5)
ACSG 525 Data Communications and Wireless Networking (4.5)
ACSG 540 Programming Languages for the Web (4.5)
ACSG 545 Software Engineering (4.5)
ACSG 552 Advanced Database Topics (4.5)
ACSG 555 Open Source Software (4.5)
ACSG 561 Systems Analysis and Design (4.5)
ACSG 565 Usability and Design (4.5)
ACSG 570 Computer Systems Security (4.5)
ACSG 575 Information Ethics (4.5)
ACSG 591 Special Topics (4.5)
ACSG 592  Independent Study (0.5-4.5)
ACSG 593 Directed Study (0.5-4.5)
ACSG 594 Internship (TBA)
ACSG 597 Graduate Seminar Proposal (0)
ACSG 598 Graduate Research Seminar (4.5)

MBA CORE (24 Credit Hours)

MGMT 500 Management Theory and Application (3)
MGMT 510 Managerial Economics (3)
ACCT 520 Managerial Accounting (3)
FINC 521 Managerial Finance (3)
MKTG 560 Marketing Management (3)
MGMT 570 Government, Business and Society (3)
MGMT 580 The Global Environment of Business (3)
MGMT 590 Strategic Management and Policy  (3)

Graduation Requirement (0 Credit Hours)

ACSG 596  E-Portfolio Presentation

Note: Those students who do not have an undergraduate degree in business administration must complete six foundation courses. These courses are taught in 1 credit hour modules entitled: Accounting Foundations, Economic Principles, Financial Principles, Management Foundations, Marketing Foundations and Statistical Foundations. Foundation modules may be waived based on prior coursework.

Computer Science Course Descriptions

MBA/MSN Program

The dual Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Business Administration program is designed for nurses who would like to enhance their business management skills. The program is available with all three nursing tracks:

Clinical Leadership - Clinical leaders are prepare to practice in clinical leadership roles in settings throughout the health care delivery system.  Note that the MSN courses in this track are only available online. 

Executive Leadership - Executive leaders are prepared to practice in roles such as nurse managers, directors and other leadership roles.  Note that the MSN courses in this track are only available online. 

Family Nurse Practitioners - The FNP serves as a specialist in the delivery of primary care services to individuals and families in a wide variety of settings.  Note that the MSN courses in this track are only available in the face to fact setting on Chicago campus.

Please see the School of Nursing web page for specifics about admission into the MSN programs. Once admitted into the MSN program, admission into the MBA program is guaranteed.  If students complete the nursing program first, the MBA portion of the program is accelerated. One core MBA course is waived, MGMT 500 - Management Theory. Also, the need to select a concentration is eliminated. Please apply to the nursing program first. Then apply to the MBA program once accepted into the nursing program. 

Program Requirements

Course Descriptions

Admission Requirements

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If you have additional questions about the MBA, please contact us.

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