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Reza Varjavand

Reza Varjavand

Associate Professor



Reza Varjavand (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) is an associate professor of Economics and Finance at the Graham School of Management, Saint Xavier University, Chicago. He has been an avid participant in many professional organizations and active in the areas of research and presentations. His research interest includes economics of health care, pedagogy of teaching, and economic development especially in the developing countries, crony capitalism, and economics of religious practices. Varjavand is a regular contributor to, one of the most popular electronic journals dedicated to the issues related to immigrants in the United States and the Op Ed News, which is a United States-based progressive/liberal news, antiwar activism, and opinion website founded 2003.

Dr. Varjavand is the author of a recently published memoir entitled "From Misery Alley to Missouri Valley." He has as received the Excellence in Scholarship Award in 2004 at Saint Xavier University and the Distinguished Faculty Award in 2005 from the Graham School of Management.