Credit for Prior Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits can I earn?

A maximum of 27 credit hours, or almost two semesters of college credit, may be earned through portfolio assessment.

Who is eligible to receive portfolio credit?

Students 23 years of age and over who are enrolled in a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science program at Saint Xavier University and who have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours of course work at SXU are eligible. 

How will the credits be posted on my transcript?

The course number and title corresponding to your portfolio will be listed with a grade of "P" (Pass). Credit hours will be calculated towards total hours earned, but they will not be calculated towards your cumulative grade-point average.

What is the cost of earning credit by Portfolio Assessment?

The cost of the Portfolio Development class is regular tuition rate for a 1 credit hour class. Once the completed portfolio is approved, the student will be assessed a cost of $200 for transcribing. Each additional portfolio carries this $200 reader fee. No other tuition costs are assessed.

Will I develop the actual portfolio during the one hour class?

You will be given instruction on how to develop the portfolio. You will also develop the personal and work narrative as part of the class. You will have a good start towards developing the actual portfolio. However, you do not have to complete a portfolio to pass the course.