Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Programs

Criminal Justice Major

Criminal justice students participate in the planned sequence of the liberal arts core to prepare them with an understanding of the moral, philosophical, historical and scientific base from which to understand and make decisions and judgments when presented with criminal justice topics. The program in criminal justice provides basic preparation that relates the criminal justice area to liberal arts education and forms a foundation for employment opportunities in such fields as corrections, institutional security, police work, probation and for graduate studies.

Criminal Justice Minor

The minor in criminal justice involves 18 credit-hours, 9 hours of which must be taken at this university. Student's wishing to minor in criminal justice must take:

CJ 101

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System


CJ 201

Law Enforcement and Society


CJ 202



CJ 214

Law, Courts, and Justice


CJ 312



One Criminal Justice Elective


A grade of "C" or better is required for courses in the minor of criminal justice.