Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Sociology and Anthropology Programs

Sociology and Anthropology offer courses and programs examining the organization and processes of human social behavior and belief systems. The roles of individuals in both the maintenance and change of these arrangements are also explored.

Sociology Major

The department specializes in the areas of social theory, the family, law, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity and research methods and statistics. Students will find these courses as a useful background for careers and/or graduate study in fields such as law, education, social work, government and human resources.

Anthropology Minor

The anthropology program has as its overall objective the holistic understanding of human behavior culturally, socially, psychologically and physically. The focus is on the comparative analysis of social and cultural processes in various human populations. The program provides the basis on which people in a wide variety of human-contact fields can understand and function more effectively in different cultural settings and with people from other cultural backgrounds. It is also meant to develop a broader theoretical and substantive appreciation of the range of human behavior. The program is designed to provide a cross-cultural perspective to students in other programs or to supplement a concentration in another field, such as social science, international business, education, nursing or liberal studies.

The minor in anthropology involves 18 credit-hours. Student's wishing to minor in anthropology must take:

ANTH 101

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


ANTH 105



ANTH 120

Physical Anthropology



Electives at the 200-300 level


At least 9 credit-hours in anthropology must be taken at this university. A grade of "C" or better is required for courses in the minor of anthropology.

Sociology Minor

Majors in other disciplines will find a minor in sociology courses to be a useful background for careers in business, education, nursing, psychology, criminal justice, mass communications and religious studies. Students who choose to minor in sociology can take modules of courses to complement majors in business, education, criminal justice, psychology and political science.

The minor in sociology involves 18 credit-hours in sociology. Student's wishing a minor in sociology must take:

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology


SOC 300

Social Theory





Sociology 300 and 6 additional credit-hours in sociology must be taken at this University. Anthropology courses may be counted toward the credit-hour requiremensts in the sociology minor. A grade of "C" or better is required for courses in the minor of sociology.