The Department of Psychology offers a broad introduction to the fundamental theories, research methods and core ideas of the many disciplines of psychology. Students in the B.A. and B.S. programs learn ways to apply psychology in everyday life and professionally.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a social science, generally, that focuses on the systematic study of behavior and social interaction. Our students of psychology gain insight into how people think, feel, act and relate to others. They learn how to gather and analyze behavioral data and how to conduct research with human participants, as well as interpersonal skills that are useful a variety of workplaces.

We require the completion of core courses in the core domains, biological, developmental, cognitive, and social psychology, a senior capstone course, and offer a variety of elective courses. Collectively, the B.A. and B.S. each aim to equip students with self-awareness, an appreciation for individual differences, and respect for cultural diversity.

The study of psychology offers students ways to acquire new skills and to enhance existing skills that are highly valued by employers and graduate programs, such as professional writing, formal presentation, scientific communication, data analysis and quantitative fluency, critical thinking, technology and information fluency, interpersonal effectiveness, and much more.