Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers a broad introduction to the fundamental theories, research methods and body of knowledge in the field of psychology. In addition, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking, technology and communication skills and to examine and begin to learn applications of psychology.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a social science that focuses on the systematic study of behavior. Students will gain insight into how people think, feel, act and relate to others. In addition, they will begin to learn how to gather and analyze behavioral data and how to conduct research with human participants. Courses about human development, cognition, personality, group processes and mental illness, among others, will enable students to develop increased self-awareness, an appreciation for individual differences and respect for cultural diversity. Furthermore, the study of psychology will let students acquire and enhance skills that are highly valued by employers and graduate programs, such as oral and written communication skills, quantitative literacy, critical thinking, information literacy and interpersonal effectiveness.