Meet Our Faculty

Arthur L. Morton, Ph.D.

University of Cincinnati, 2006

Professor L. Morton's research focuses primarily on the nature of human understanding and the role that an explanation's intelligibility plays in our ability to comprehend the world around us. His dissertation, entitled Making it Intelligible: An Historical Approach to Understanding Intelligibility in the Assessment of Scientific Theories, looks at the way in which concerns with the intelligibility of various scientific explanations over the last three centuries have served to shape both how we conduct our science as well as how those shifts in our understanding  of what makes for an adequate explanation has served to shape on our understanding of our own capacity to comprehend the world. In addition to his interest in the philosophy of science and the nature of explanation, Professor Morton is also interested in the role played by our sentiments or passions in grounding (and make sense of) our moral and ethical prescriptions.

Professor Morton's recent publications include "Hume's Newtonian Image of Science," Annales Philosophici, 2011 and "Hume, Representation, Realism and Linguistic Cognition," 35th Hume Society Conference Proceedings, August 2008.