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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Philosophy and Religious Studies

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies is proud to serve the mission of Saint Xavier University, offering classes directly related to the core values of our institution and its students. Coursework and faculty research in both programs advocate critical thinking, thoughtful engagement with historical and current questions about the common good, practical skills in writing, reading, and information literacy, as well as dedication to the spirit of life-long learning.

Graduates of the department have gone on to pursue work in a variety of fields, including:

Quick Snapshot

Campus Location
Chicago & Orland Park
Length of Program
4 years
Courses per Semester
Average of 5 courses
Total Number of Courses
37 & 38 courses

In just four years, students can complete their bachelor's degree by maintaining an average of five courses per semester. In addition to the 25 general education courses, the remaining 12 philosophy program courses or 13 religious studies program courses are primarily taught at the Chicago campus; however, some religious studies courses are taught at the Orland Park campus.

Programs of Study

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers a major and minor within the philosophy programs and a major and two minor options within the religious studies programs.

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Student Spotlight

Amanda Dziallo

Amanda Dziallo
Philosophy Major

"My time as a philosophy student at Saint Xavier has taught me how to construct clear and logical arguments and critically analyze others’. It has also taught me to make sense of difficult texts and recognize the implications of those arguments in the real world, while giving me the freedom to explore those topics in interesting and relevant ways. I also had opportunities to work on independent projects in my philosophy senior thesis, through which I grew a sense of community and support among my peers and mentors. My philosophy professors have helped me immensely on these projects and fostered a sense of belonging within the department, which I feel is a defining feature of SXU."