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Language and Literature

Spanish Programs

In the Department of Language and Literature, students will have the flexibility and faculty support to design a course of study that will help them achieve their educational and professional goals. For some students this may mean a double major in Spanish and Marketing, for others a minor in Spanish with a major in Psychology. The faculty in the Department of Language and Literature is committed to working closely with our majors and other departments to offer courses that deliver a rigorous and purposeful learning experience. Please review the program requirements and course descriptions in the SXU Academic Catalog for more detailed information.  

Quick Snapshot

Campus Location
Length of Program
4 years
Courses per Semester
Average of 5 courses
Total Number of Courses
37 & 40 courses

Although the program is offered through the Chicago campus, students are encouraged to study abroad to gain real-world experience and deeper insights in Spanish culture. Students may successfully complete this program by finishing the 25 general education courses and one of two major options -- the first requires 12 courses, and the second requires 15 courses. With either option, students will be able to graduate in a total of four years if they maintain an average of 5 courses per semester. Students who have prior knowledge of the Spanish language may take a placement test to receive automatic credit for 100-level courses and potentially shorten the length of the program.

Major Options

Spanish, Option I: Spanish Language, Literature and Civilization

The first option for the Spanish major includes a minimum of 33-36 credit hours in Spanish beginning at any 200-level course. It is designed to provide a solid foundation in Spanish language, literature and civilization.

Spanish, Option II: Spanish in the Professions

This second option is intended primarily for those students who plan to make use of the Spanish language in a professional environment other than teaching. It requires a minimum of 42-45 credit hours. 

Spanish Education

The Spanish education program provides a strong foundation in Spanish and focuses on the preparation of teachers according to NCATE/ACTFL and Illinois Content Standards for Educators.

Spanish students who are seeking teaching certification must be admitted to the Department of Education, complete all requirements for Option I: Spanish Language, Literature and Civilization, all general education courses and all professional education courses with a minimum grade of "C," and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. In addition, candidates must successfully complete state certification requirements and the oral proficiency interview (OPI) test.

Consult the Department of Education section of the catalog for specific requirements and procedures. It is the responsibility of each student to ascertain and fulfill the requirements for the degree program. The major advisor will assist the student in this responsibility.

Spanish Minor

All Spanish minors must complete with grades of "C" or above 18 hours in the foreign language beginning at the intermediate (103-104) level. No more than 6 hours of foreign language courses can be taught in English (231-232 and 340).