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Honors Program

Honors Program for Transfer Students

The Honors Program at Saint Xavier University offers an enriched academic experience to talented and highly motivated transfer students who attend the university full time.  Transfer students of the SXU Undergraduate Honors Program will enjoy the benefits of close work with faculty on student designed projects and personalized registration to guarantee integration of Honors course work with the requirements of their major.  They will profit from an academic environment that enhances personal development and growth and will be awarded an Honors Diploma upon graduation, and their undergraduate transcripts will note their successful completion of Honors course work.


Transfer students who enter Saint Xavier with a GPA of 3.75 or above in college level coursework currently are considered for admission into the Honors Program. Once admitted into Honors, those transfers who enter Saint Xavier with 45 or more credit hours of college coursework will be able to complete the requirements of Honors Scholar with four honors units, one of which must be honors Capstone Project. They will not qualify for the honors Core Track. Transfers entering the program with fewer than 45 credit hours will have the same options as students entering the Honors Program as freshmen -- to complete the Honors Core with five Honors Units, or the Honors Scholar option with seven Honors Units.


The program prepares students for the challenges of leadership in their chosen fields and provides:

Honors students may pursue any major offered at Saint Xavier University. Honors course work may be used to satisfy university core electives or elective credit within the student’s major. To qualify, students must be able and willing to complete a part of their required Honors course work during weekday, day time hours.

Program Course Requirements for Transfer Students

Honors Philosophy Seminar (3)

Students will cultivate capacities for engaging in critical and self-reflective activities by developing skills in reading, discussing and writing about primary philosophical texts concerned with ethical and/or political issues. They will gain familiarity with the kinds of activities associated with the academic discipline called Philosophy, although they will also acquire an understanding of what philosophical activity is independently of its status as an academic discipline. Satisfies University General Education Requirement of Philosophy 140.

Honors Capstone Project I and II (1-3 units each semester)

The Honors Capstone Project enables students to pursue independently a topic to which their curiosity and ambition throughout their college career has led them. Working closely with a faculty expert, doing sustained work of significant scope and substance, learning more about their subject, but also about their own capabilities -- all make this experience unusual and rewarding. The requirement is in part designed to provide an apprenticeship in professional knowledge and skills that will enhance student credentials for advanced graduate education and for employment in their area of professional interest. But the primary purpose is to engage the students in a sustained intellectual and creative process that is self-directed and that integrates and channels the critical skills they have developed during their career in Honors into a substantial product that is uniquely their own.