Saint Xavier University Honors Program

Honors Program

Honors Program

Mission Statement

The Honors Program at Saint Xavier University offers an enriched academic experience to talented and highly motivated students. It develops skills and nurtures habits of mind that help students approach learning with rigor, openness and critical awareness. Ultimately, students are enabled to independently pursue knowledge in their chosen fields while supported by faculty mentors. The Program offers stimulating seminars designed around themes of compelling interest and provides opportunities for applied internships, study abroad, and group and individual research under the direction of highly qualified faculty mentors. The Program is committed to providing social and cultural activities that deepen the academic experience and create a community of learners among Honors students and faculty. The Program advances Saint Xavier University's mission to cultivate an appreciation of human diversity and to channel abstract knowledge into avenues of services for the human family.

Admission to the Program

Students will be invited into the Program on the basis of the credentials they submit with their application to Saint Xavier University: ACT scores, overall GPA and class rank. Other highly motivated students with a keen interest in the program will also have the opportunity to apply. All Honors Program candidates will be considered for Presidential Scholarships, and all students who pursue the Honors Scholar option will be awarded grants to support creative or research projects, as well as other learning opportunities (e.g. travel study) their junior and senior years.


The Program prepares students for the challenges of leadership in their chosen fields and provides:

Honors students may pursue any major offered by the University.