Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

Guest Lectures

Annual Honors Guest Lectures

Every year, the Honors Program at Saint Xavier University welcomes a guest lecturer to provide his or her take on our annual theme, "The Idea of America." 

2012-2013 Jerome McDonnell
Host, WBEZ's "Worldview"
2004-2005 Mr. Michael Wilmington
Film Critic
2010-2011 Christine M. Wiseman
President, Saint Xavier University
2003-2004 Ms. Laura Washington
Expert on Race and Urban Issues
2009-2010 Justice Anne Burke
Illinois Supreme Court
2002-2003 Ms. Gretchen Helfrich
Public Radio Moderator
2008-2009 Sr. Deidre Mullan
Director, Mercy Global Concern
2001-2002 Mr. Michael Flannery
News Editor, CBS Chicago
2007-2008 Mr. John Hart
Environmental activist
Caribou Clean Water Partnership
2000-2001 Mr. John Podesta
Chief of Staff to President Clinton
2006-2007 Professor Jean Bethke Elshtain
Political Philosopher
1999-2000 Dr. Dominic Pacyga
Urban Historian
2005-2006 Professor Cass Sunstein
Expert on Constitutional Law