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Independent Research: Senior Conference

Programs from the most recent Honors Conferences:

Honors Senior Project Awards by year:


Linda Boulton - "The Unemployable Grad: Exploring the Disparity between Perceptions and Expectations of Communication Competence" (Mentor: Dr. L. Renee Robinson)

Brian Laughran - "The Gravedigger: Breaking the Traditional Context of Women in the American Western" (Mentor: Dr. Joel Sternberg)

Honors Class 2015 Honors Class of 2016


Suzanne Broski - "A Review of the Anatomy and Current Research on the female predisposition to noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injuries" (Mentor: Dr. Rudyard Sadleir)

Honors Class 2015 Honors Class of 2015


Shane Kenney - "How Stupid Are We? A Study of the Depictions of Men in Modern Advertising" (Mentor: Dr. Joel Sternberg)

Rebecca Rychel - "El Camino de Santiago: A Mirror of Spain's Identity" (Mentor: Dr. Olga Vilella)

Jordan Wallace - "3D Evaluation of the Human Gait Cycle with Respect to Prosthetics" (Mentor: Dr. Rudyard Sadleir)

Honors Class 2014 Honors Class of 2014


Anthony Bara - "For God or Country? Competing Polish Nationalisms in Chicago, 1870-1910" (Mentor: Dr. Amanda Lopez)

Erin Pikowski - "Examination of Speech and Language Service Provision for Chicagoland Catholic Elementary School Students" (Mentor: Dr. Gail Harris-Schmidt)

Maureen Riley - "Revelations: Interrogating the Sacred" (Mentor: Dr. Cathie Ruggie-Saunders)

Honors Class 2013 Honors Class of 2013