Saint Xavier University Chicago Campus

Honors Program

Honors Program Benefits

A Closely-knit Learning Community

Almost always the first benefit honors students mention is the sense of “family” they have enjoyed in the program -- how being in honors is like finding a small, intimate and supportive community within the larger university. They enjoy the informal time they spend with their peers in the program, their study sessions in the honors program lounge, and the structured activities they engage in as a group. Many have forged friendships through honors that will last the rest of their lives.

Early Advising and Registration

Because honors students need to work their honors course selections into the rest of their schedules, the advising office processes their course registrations each semester earlier than those of other students, whose scheduling is not as complex. Because they register early, honors students can be confident that there will be space for them in every course section for which they register.

Student Development Grants

Honors Scholars, in their junior and senior years are offered a modest benefit in the form of student development grants, designed to promote their learning activities. Students may request up to $300.00 for each of those years for purchases or expenses connected to learning projects in which they are engaged. They may request up to $500.00 for the following three activities: study abroad, presenting research at conferences, and out of town internships.

Designated Student Lounge

We have provided students in the program with their own room, containing computers, work space, and comfortable sofas and chairs. The room has become a favorite meeting place for honors students.

Cultural and Social Activities

The honors program annually hosts a guest lecture for the entire University community. We invite distinguished speakers qualified by their experiences and/or scholarship to address and illuminate important issues related to the unifying theme of that year's honors seminars. Past speakers have included WBEZ's "Worldview" host Jerome McDonnell; Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke; and Sister Deirdre Mullan, director of Mercy Global Concern.

Depending on their interests, the Honors Program Students Advisory Council organizes social and cultural activities that promote fellowship and fun within the program, whether it is visiting a museum, viewing and discussing a film, or throwing a welcome party for incoming honors students.