History and Political Science

Teaching Resources for History and Social Science Education Majors

The web offers an outstanding variety of resources for teachers of all levels to help create an engaging classroom experience. The faculty of the department have highlighted some of their favorite resources on this page to share with students and alumni. Please feel free to contact us if you have found a resource that you think will benefit your fellow students and colleagues.

U.S. History

CRFC (Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago)- Provides a variety of lesson plans on U.S. history and government for classrooms from the primary to high school level.

World History

China and Europe: What is Modern? - Offers a variety of readings, images, and lesson plans to explain the relationship between the East and West during the period preceding and during the Industrial Revolution.

Political Science and Philosophy

The Online Library of Liberty - Free access to classic works of political philosophy and American thought of the founding era. While the focus is on liberalism, there are also materials on socialism and liberal critiques.

American Politics

U.S. Congress - Access to Federal Register and all information about the US Congress. This information is currently migrating to a new site that will be www.congress.gov by the end of 2014.

American National Election Studies -Website that houses the American National Election Surveys since 1948, along with an easy to use query program that permits users to build cross-tabulations from data.

International Studies and Relations

CIA World Factbook - Contains up-to-date information on the government, economy, and history of all the world's countries, protectorates, and other political entities.

The United Nations - The portal for the United Nations, with access to reports, images and data on global issues, current and past UN resolutions, and the functions and processes of international organizations.

World Bank -Main page of the World Bank, with reports addressing the current global economy. The most important source of national-level economic data is available through the site's "Databank." World Development Indicators has a very user-friendly search engine.

Freedom House - Website for the NGO that works to promote democracy and civil liberties world-wide. The website offers access to country reports, special studies, and the Freedom in the World annual index of democracy, as well as a dataset of that index since its inception in 1973.

Correlates of War - Website that hosts the Correlates of War and related datasets for study of global interactions and conflicts.

Polity IV Project - Site of the Polity 4 data set on Political Regime characteristics and Transitions 1800-2012, includes both the dataset and interactive charts and maps to assess current trends in regime types.

Social Science

Sociological Images - Organizes contemporary images and advertisements by themes such as race, class, and gender and provides analysis that encourages people to "develop their sociological imagination."

Media and Images

Prelinger Archives - Contains thousands of films (newsreels, advertisements, Cold War propaganda, etc.) available for streaming or download.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Offers tens of thousands of high quality images of art and archaeological items from its collection. Can search for art by time period or region.

British Library Digital Image Collection - Over 1 million images that the British Library has put in the public domain, which means that they are free to use and reproduce. The images include maps, letters, books, paintings, and other sources from the 17th-19th centuries. Great for world history lectures and projects. 

Comic Book + - The Grand Comics Database, and ongoing project with definitive information about creators and stories in all comic books. Search engine allows you to locate relevant books by several different criteria. Very useful for cultural and media research.