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Email: nbelsky@sxu.edu

Area of Specialization

Russian History; Jewish History; history of the Second World War


Natalie is currently completing her Ph.D. in Russian history at the University of Chicago. She has lived in the Boston area and completed her undergraduate studies at New York University, though she was born in Moscow, Russia. Natalie’s fascination with the history of the Soviet Union and the experiences of Russian Jewry began with stories she heard from her parents and grandparents about their lives in Soviet Russia. Her dissertation deals with the experiences of the millions of people who were displaced from their homes in the Soviet Union during the Second World War. As an immigrant herself, she is very interested in the history of immigration and emigration and eager to learn more about how immigrants assimilate and adapt to communities at their new homes. She loves to travel and explore new places.

Natalie is looking forward to working with students, faculty and staff at SXU and is excited to be a part of the SXU community.

Selected Honors