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History and Political Science

History and Political Science

The Department of History and Political Science supports the University mission of liberal arts education in providing scholarship, academic programs and extracurricular activities to help students better understand the diverse world in which they live, how that world developed and how to be effective and responsible citizens of that world. While all courses are taught on the Chicago campus, many classes will travel on field trips to historical locations to engage in a more immersive learning environment.

The department offers a range of programs that fit the needs of not only history and political science majors but also the needs of general education students and candidates for teacher licensure. The department offers majors in history, political science, international studies and social science education. It also offers minors in history, political science, international studies and public administration.

Quick Snapshot

Campus Location
Length of Program
4 years
Courses per Semester
Average of 5 courses
Total Number of Courses
34 courses

The history and political science majors can each be completed in four years by taking the 25 required general education courses, plus nine major-specific courses at an average of five courses per semester. The department also offers majors in social science education and international studies; however, these majors may take additional time or increase the average number of courses per semester.

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Student Spotlight

Aleta Riley-Tellis

Aleta Riley-Tellis
Political Science Major

"The political science major at Saint Xavier has prepared me for a wide range of careers in government and the private sector. My major allowed me to hone my research and communication skills, which has led to me pursuing a career in public relations."

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