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Communication Programs

The Department of Communication offers a rewarding curriculum that focuses on the process and effects of communication, the Internet and personal media, in both mediated and face-to-face contexts. Building on a foundation in the liberal arts that provides a broad-based general education, the study of communication teaches students how to express their ideas and values in spoken, written and visual messages. Please review the Program Requirements and Course Descriptions for more detailed information.

Communication Major

The department develops effective communicators who not only are skilled in using communication technologies but also understand that socially responsible communication is an interaction among people that requires both skill and sensitivity. Students also learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of messages produced by others.

Students majoring in communication can select from eight concentrations of study:

To fulfill the requirements for a communication major, students must choose two concentrations of choice. If desired, students may complete additional concentration areas, beyond the two that are required, to support their particular interests or career plans.

Communication Minors

Through the communications minor, students will develop both the knowledge and skills to prepare, deliver and evaluate messages within organizations. In addition, students will study interpersonal and small group communication, cross-cultural communication and persuasion, examining their role in businesses, government agencies, hospitals, schools and other groups.