Career Opportunities

A chemistry degree allows students to succeed in a number of career paths, such as:

  1. Health Sciences
    Medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, physical therapy and clinical chemistry
  2. Education
    Teaching at college, high school, middle school and elementary levels
  3. Engineering 
    Chemical, biomedical, materials and environmental
  4. Scientific Computing
    Academic and industrial research
  5. Law
    Environmental and patent
  6. Business
    Management, sales, technical support and waste management for chemical industries
  7. Pure and Applied Research
    Chemistry, biochemistry, space chemistry, materials science, molecular biology, medicinal chemistry, green chemistry and nuclear science
  8. Government
    Forensic science, food and drugs, agriculture and environment
  9. Laboratory and Field
    Food, cosmetics, agriculture, energy, quality control, pharmaceuticals and environment industries