Art and Design

Meet our Faculty

Nathan Peck
Office: VAC A-215
Phone: 773-298-3876
Email: peck@sxu.edu 

Nathan Peck

MFA, Associate Professor, Department Chair

Nathan Peck is a digital art professor at Saint Xavier University and maintains a relentless exhibition schedule in a wide range of art media. After graduating from the Intermedia program at the University of Iowa, he has since employed the philosophy of cross-media-hybridization, especially in terms of site-specific and process-based approaches to art making. Nathan has been an active member of many collaborative and performance art groups in Chicago and is a co-founder of the Chicago Art Department.

Amanda Calobrisi
Office: VAC A-218
Phone: 773-298-3085
Email: calobrisi@sxu.edu

Amanda Calobrisi

MFA, Assistant Professor

Amanda Joy Calobrisi teaches painting and drawing courses at Saint Xavier University. She is a figurative painter currently based in Chicago with roots in both Boston and New York. She says of her work:

"How people choose to present themselves to the world is like a story wanting to be read. I pay attention to appearances that veer away from the norm. I find the various efforts people make to appear a certain way fascinating. Posing and posturing, the self-conscious are friends of my world. My paintings of people are very much about initial impressions. A first impression of someone is already picture. I impose on what the sitter is revealing; make-up, bigger hair, patterned fabrics, embroidery and lace. My baubles mix with theirs. I sculpt a world around the figure and document it. Capturing awareness, awkwardness, little gestures and fleeting things like glances. I am interested in translating my experience of looking at a photograph into paint. I have no interest in replication. The paintings are not portraits they are collisions between the sitter and my world."

Alison Fraunhar
Office: VAC A-217
Phone: 773-298-3083
Email: fraunhar@sxu.edu

Alison Fraunhar

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dr. Fraunhar teaches courses in Modern and Contemporary, Latin American and Women's Art and Film Studies. She has published numerous articles on Cuban visual culture and is presently at work on a book manuscript examining the intersection of race and gender in Cuban national identity.

Monte Gerlach
Office: VAC A-221
Phone: 773-298-3082
Email: gerlach@sxu.edu

Monte Gerlach

M.S., Associate Professor

Monte Gerlach teaches courses in photography and digital imagery. In his free time he is a professional photographer with local and national clients. His latest photographic projects are infrared landscapes and a series he calls Salvation and Destruction. Monte is the author of several books: The Ballet of Violence, The Flash of Recognition, and Street Portraits. Additionally, he has published photographs in numerous journals and magazines. Currently, Monte is working on a third book titled On Display, Observations by Monte Gerlach.

Jayne Hileman
Office: VAC A-216
Phone: 773-298-3080
Email: hileman@sxu.edu

Jayne Hileman

Associate Professor

Jayne Hileman teaches courses in design, sculpture, and collage and assemblage.
 She acts as Art Education Coordinator for Art and Design, and also teaches Art Education Methods.
 Her studio practice includes three-dimensional constructions, working on a graphic novel, 
and contributing both visual mapping and written commentary to Notes for a Peoples Atlas,
 published by AREA Chicago.

Cathie Ruggie Saunders
Office: VAC A-220
Phone: 773-298-3087
Email: saunders@sxu.edu

Cathie Ruggie Saunders

MFA, M.A., Professor, Gallery Director

Cathie Ruggie Saunders teaches courses in Printmaking, Drawing, Artists Books, Children's Book Illustration and the capstone Art and Design thesis course Senior Seminar each spring. She is the Director of the SXU Gallery and the VAC Student Gallery. Her own artistic practice focuses upon the production of hand-printed, illustrated and bound limited edition artists' books under the imprint of The Hosanna Press. She has recently co-authored  "For the Love of Letterpress, A Printing Handbook for Instructors and Students", published by Bloomsbury of London, and selected as a text in several letterpress curriculum across the country.

Brent Wall

Brent Wall

MFA, Professor Emeritus

Professor Wall, now retired, taught courses in painting and drawing. His interests are rooted in the work of the French colorists of the School of Paris in the late 19th century, mixed with a healthy enthusiasm for the homegrown Chicago notion about making art from the stuff of life.