Community-​Based Learning

Resources for Students

Interested in getting involved in your community?

Looking for real-world experience in your major?

Take your education to the next level by enrolling in a Community-Based Learning class! 

There are a variety of community-based learning courses at Saint Xavier University that take learning outside of the classroom and into the community. These courses include opportunities to apply skills that you have learned by working with local non-profit organizations and small businesses. Some of these are courses that explore religion through connections to community service and social justice. Some courses offer opportunities to learn Spanish not just from a textbook but through working directly with the local Latino community. Many departments allow you to take an internship for academic credit, allowing you to gain hands-on experience in the field before graduation. Community-based learning courses are a great opportunity to enhance your education with real-life experience, while also becoming a more active member of your community. See Community-Based Learning Director Robert Gutierrez in WAC N-217 for more information.

Related Resources

Looking for other ways to get involved outside the classroom? See these other great resources to get connected to community service opportunities, internship opportunities and other ways to engage with the local community.

Campus Ministry: Among other spiritual and religious opportunities, Campus Ministry sponsors many service activities, including spring break service trips, ongoing local service projects, and opportunities for civic activities and learning experiences. 

Student Organizations: Join one of SXU's many student organizations, including Service Club, focused on involvement in the local community.

Career Services: Career Services is a great resource to assist in locating an internship or employment opportunity.

Center for International Education: Center for International Education serves as a resource for students interested in studying abroad.

Volunteer Match: Volunteer Match is not affiliated with SXU, but has a listing of local community organizations in Chicago for students seeking out opportunities for involvement.