Community-​Based Learning

Resources for Community Partners

Community partner organizations are highly valued at Saint Xavier University. We seek to establish and nurture mutually-beneficial relationships that strengthen your work while also providing meaningful learning experiences for SXU students.

The Community-Based Learning Approach

Community-based learning is different than student volunteerism. Students complete community-based learning projects as part of their course curriculum and receive course credit for the learning they demonstrate through this experience. The community-based learning philosophy is also centered upon mutually-beneficial relationships with community organizations. We do not seek only to send volunteers but to establish and maintain sustained partnerships that fulfill the goals and needs of both parties.

There are a wide range of programs that SXU offers through many schools and departments. Examples include tutoring, clinical experiences, internships, and service-learning programs. Students' involvement with community organizations varies greatly depending on the needs of the organization and the students. Examples include ten hour per week internships for the course of a semester, two- to three-hour weekly commitments over the course of a semester, or consultant-based projects where students work off-site to develop a project for the community organization through their course, such as a website or a marketing plan.

Why Partner with SXU?

There are many benefits that community organizations can attain through partnership with SXU:


Contact Information

If you're interested in partnering with Saint Xavier University on either a short- or long-term project, if you would like to discuss the strengths or challenges of a current partnership, or if you have any other questions related to community-based learning, please contact Community-Based Learning Director Robert Gutierrez at 773-341-5889 or rgutierrez@sxu.edu.