Community-​Based Learning

Community-Based Learning

What is Community-Based Learning?

Community-based learning (CBL) is an instructional strategy that blends academic learning with practice outside the classroom. Emphasis is placed on reflection, active student participation and connecting the curriculum to the 'living text' of the real world.

Integral to community-based learning is the relationship established between SXU faculty, students, and partners in the community. In a community-based learning course project, both the students and community partner benefit. Examples of community-based learning include internships, clinical experiences, student teaching and service learning; in all cases, community-based learning courses require that students compose written reflections upon the application of their learning to the community experience.

Integral Components of Community-Based Learning

Community Partner Organizations

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Community-Based Learning Courses at SXU

View a list of the Community-Based Learning course offerings in Fall 2016 (PDF).

For More Information

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