Mission Day

Mother Paulita Morris, R.S.M. Service Award

The Board of Trustees established the Mother Paulita Morris, R.S.M., Service Award to recognize a student who exemplifies the qualities of leadership and service that were characteristic of Mother Paulita's ministry. The award will be presented on Mission Day, Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at 3:30 p.m. in the Fourth Floor Board Room.

About the Award

Mother Paulita Morris, R.S.M., was a member of the Saint Xavier Board of Trustees from 1960 to 1984, a period of considerable change for Saint Xavier, the Sisters of Mercy and the Catholic Church. She was a leader whose commitment to learning for life and service of others impelled her to create innovative faith and spirituality development programs at Saint Xavier and for parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago.


Candidates must be currently enrolled Saint Xavier University students carrying a minimum of six credit hours.


Who May Nominate

Nominations are encouraged from fellow students, faculty members, staff members, or persons outside the University community. Potential awardees may nominate themselves.


Note: The award recipient will receive a small honorarium. Demonstrated financial need is not a requirement for this award. However, if a recipient of the award qualified and accepts Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan, CWS or SEOG funds, the University reserves the right to adjust the recipient's financial aid in order that the total amount of aid does not exceed the amount of demonstrated need. This is required by federal government regulations.

Previous Recipients

2014 Jessica Muñoz   1998 Dominic Petruzzelli
2013 Kelly Mihalik   1997 Julie Anne Wogan
2012 Joseph Roccasalva   1996 Elizabeth Moore
2011 Aarika Zarnick   1995 Bruce Good Hunter, Jr.


Mark Piper   1994 David Nance
2008-2009 Jennifer Betcher   1993 Caroline Cherian
2007 Joana Beituni   1992 Marie Kole
2006 Adeeb F. Odeh   1991 Amanda AlHamad
2005 James Bruton and
Laura Le Compte
  1990 Margaret Rose McDonnell
2004 Sean Gross   1989 Dannette Erickson
2003 Jenifer Huestis   1988 Mary Carol Bond
2002 Lee Ann Steinfeldt   1987 Clare Gallagher
2001 Amber Stevens   1986 Regina M. Pence
2000 Paul Bear   1985 RoseMarie A. Gould
1999 Chris Barry and
Ashraf Rabah