Meet the President

President's Vitae


Marquette University Law School, J.D.,1973.

Marquette University College of Liberal Arts, A.B., Honors, 1971.

Professional History:

Saint Xavier University
Chicago, IL
May 1, 2010 - Present

Professor of Law
Loyola University Chicago
July 1, 2007 - March 1, 2010

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor of Law

Creighton University
July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2007

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor of Law
Marquette University
September 1, 1998 - July, 2002

Professor of Law
Marquette University Law School
August, 1997 - July, 2002

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Marquette University Law School
July 1, 1997 - September 1, 1998

Associate Professor of Law
Marquette University Law School
August, 1988 - August, 1997

Assistant Professor of Law
Marquette University Law School
1980 - August, 1988

Law Clerk
United States District Court
Eastern District of Wisconsin
Chief Judge Robert W. Warren
October, 1974 - January, 1976

Assistant Attorney General
State of Wisconsin
Criminal Appeals Division
May, 1973 - October, 1974

Courses Taught: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Jurisdiction, Remedies, Seminar on Life and Death Issues (capital punishment and others)
Post-Tenure (Books and Book Chapters; Book Entries):

Christine M. Wiseman and Michael Tobin, Wisconsin Practice: Criminal Practice and Procedure (Thomson West Publishing Co., 2d ed. 2008).

Christine M. Wiseman and Michael Tobin, Wisconsin Practice: Criminal Practice and Procedure (Thomson West Publishing Co., 2d ed. 2008) Cumulative Supplement (2009 and 2010).

Christine M. Wiseman et al., Wisconsin Practice: Criminal Practice and Procedure (West Publishing Co., 1996) (General Editor of Treatise and author: Chapter 1: "Commencement of the Criminal Prosecution;" Chapter 2: "Securing the Presence of the Defendant;" Chapter 5: "Defense Counsel;" Chapter 7: "Extradition and Detainers;" Chapter 9: "Grand Jury, John Doe and Inquest Proceedings;" Chapter 10: "Waiver of Juveniles to Adult Court;" Chapter 11: "Pretrial Motion Practice;" Chapter 12: "Adjudication of Misdemeanor and Noncriminal Traffic Offenses;" Chapter 15: "Double Jeopardy;" Chapter 16: "Joinder of Offenses and Defendants;" Chapter 18: "The Exclusionary Rule;" Chapter 19: "Search and Seizure;" Chapter 20: "Confessions;" Chapter 23: "Guilty Pleas and Other Nontrial Dispositions;" Chapter 24: "Securing Testimony)."

Christine M. Wiseman et al., Wisconsin Practice: Criminal Practice and Procedure (West Publishing Co., 1996), Cumulative Supplements (1998 – 2006).

Kircher & Wiseman, Punitive Damages: Law and Practice, 2d Ed. (West Group 2000);

Cumulative Supplements (2001 - 2008);

Revised Chapters 17 (2001), 3 (2002), 5 (2003), 11 (2004), 24 (2005), 7 (2007) and 4 (2008).

Ghiardi & Kircher, Punitive Damages: Law and Practice, Clark Boardman Callaghan, Chicago, IL (1985) (now West Group) Cumulative Supplements (1994 - 1999), published with John J. Kircher.

Book and Supplements reviewed by Douglas G. Houser and Linda M. Bolduan, 32 Tort & Ins. L.J. 901-904 (1997).

Contributing author, Historical Dictionary of Feminism (Janet K. Boles & Diane Long Hoeveler eds., Scarecrow Press, 1996).

Post-Tenure (Articles, Briefs and Other Miscellaneous Works):

Christine M. Wiseman, Drug Courts: Framing Policy to Ensure Success, 49 Int’l J. Offender Therapy and Comp. Criminology 235-38 (2005) (editorial).

Christine M. Wiseman, The Death Penalty: Issues and Answers, 45 Int’l J. Offender Therapy and Comp. Criminology 634-40 (2001) (book review).

Christine M. Wiseman, Representing the Condemned: A Critique of Capital Punishment, 79 Marq. L. Rev. 731 (Spring 1996).

Reprinted: Legal Philosophy: Multiple Perspectives, pp. 722-34 (Larry May, Nancy E. Snow, Angela Bolte, eds., Mayfield Publishing Co., 2000).

Christine M. Wiseman and John McAdams, Dying for Justice (a debate on capital punishment), Marquette Magazine 12-15 (Winter 1996).

Christine M. Wiseman, The O.J. Simpson Case: Leveling the Playing Field or Creating Unfair Advantage, 5 For the Record 3-5 (Oct/Nov. 1994).

Christine M. Wiseman, To Define or Not to Define: Instructing a Jury About the Meaning of Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, 1993-94 Preview 126-28.

Gardner v. Collins, Case No. 93-1489, ___ F.3d ___ (5th Cir. 1994) (per curiam) Brief of Appellant, 50 manuscript pages, filed July 22, 1993 (pro bono publico).

Gardner v. Scott, U.S. No.94-5579, Petition for Writ of Certiorari in 11the United States Supreme Court, 40 manuscript pages, filed August 5, 1994.

Wiseman, Reconstructing the Citadel: the Advent of Jurisdictional Privity, 54 Ohio St. L.J. 403-444 (1993).

Wisconsin Equal Justice Task Force Final Report, Criminal Law Subcommittee Report, "The Failure to Act Provisions of Chapter 948," pp. 84-89 and "Prostitution," pp. 89-101 (Jan. 1991); findings summarized in 6 Wis. Women's L.J. 173 (1991).

Wiseman, The Legal Education of Women: From "Treason Against Nature" to Sounding a Different Voice, 74 Marq. L. Rev. 325-344 (1991).

Pre-Tenure Publications:

Christine M. Wiseman, A Critical Response to the Interpretivist Constitutional Theories of Meese and Thurmond, 70 Marq. L. Rev. 475-485 (1987).

Christine M. Wiseman, Invasion by Polygraph: An Assessment of Constitutional and Common Law Parameters, 32 St. Louis U. Law J. 27-74 (1987).

Christine M. Wiseman, Judicial Review: The Role of the Supreme Court in American Government, 10 The Verdict 7-9 (1987).

Christine M. Wiseman, The Good Faith Exception to the Exclusionary Rule: Does It Have a Place in Wisconsin Law? 59 Wis. Bar Bull. 19-21, 44-45 (1986).

Christine M. Wiseman, The `Reasonableness' of the Investigative Detention: An `Ad Hoc' Constitutional Test, 67 Marq. L. Rev. 64l-672 (1984).

-Also synopsized in 34 Law Review Digest 10 (June, 1985).

-Cited in LaFave, Search and Seizure, § 9.2(f) n. 154 and § 9.6(e) n.143 (1987).

Report on Unpublished Opinions, published by the State Bar of Wisconsin and reported at 57 Wis. Bar Bulletin 41 (August, 1984). Report undertook a study of the unpublished opinions of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals between January l, 1983 and September 30, 1983, in order to ascertain the Court's compliance with newly-amended criteria for publication established by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

63 Op. Att'y. Gen. 541 (1974).

Editorial Positions:

Associate Editor, Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel Quarterly, 1991- 2008.

Associate Editor, International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 1998-present.

Scholarly Papers Presented (Relevant Sampling):

"Reason and Faith: Forming Character and Promoting Service in a University Committed to Faith and Reason," Fordham University, Rose Hill NY Campus, June 16-18, 2009 (reprised in America (The National Catholic Weekly), "Scholars Discuss Relationship Between Faith and Reason," by James T. Keane (http://www.americamagazine.org/content/signs.cfm?signid=141)).

"Plea Bargaining: The Legal Implications of a Plea Agreement," XXIVth International Congress on Law and Mental Health, University of Toronto, Canada, June 18, 1999.

"The Law of Search and Seizure," 1998 Wisconsin Supreme Court Criminal Law & Sentencing Institute, Appleton, WI, May 21, 1998.

"The Ethics of Client-Centered Representation," Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Annual Ethics Seminar, Madison, WI, December 6, 1997.

"Representing the Condemned: Ethics and Capital Punishment," Third Annual Dennis Doherty Memorial Lecture in Bioethics, Medical College of Wisconsin, November 24, 1997.

"Appealing and Applying the Death Penalty," National Conference of State Legislatures, July 20, 1995.

"Through the Looking Glass: Decisions of the 1993-94 Supreme Court Term," 44th Annual Meeting of the Seventh Circuit Bar Association and Judicial Conference of the Seventh Federal Circuit, May 24, 1994.

Professional and Public Service Activities (Relevant Sampling):

(a)     Education:

Provost, Loyola University Chicago (2007-2010). Member, President's Cabinet and University Budget Review Team. Chief Academic Officer with oversight responsibility for: College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Communication (managed opening of school in 2008), School of Education, Graduate School, School of Nursing (undergraduate programs), School of Law, School of Social Work, School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Other Director Reports: Institute for Pastoral Studies, University Libraries, Office of International Programs. Tangential Oversight Responsibility: Enrollment and Retention, Office of Academic Success, Board of Undergraduate Studies (reconstituted).

St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA. Member, Board of Directors, 2006 – present. Chair, Academic Affairs Committee, 2007 – present.

Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN. Member, ABA Site Evaluation Team, March 1-4, 2009.

(b)     Education (Past):

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Creighton University (2002-2007). Member, President’s Cabinet and University Budget Committee. Chief Academic Officer with oversight for: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business Administration, Law School, Graduate School, University College (Non-traditional Studies). Other Direct Reports: Enrollment Management (and Admissions), TRIO Programs, Office of International Programs, Registrar, Reinert Memorial Library, Financial Aid, Student Retention, Cardoner Program ($2 million Lilly grant). Led successful ten-year university reaccreditation by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Marian High School. Member, Board of Directors, 2003 - 2006. Chair, Campus Maintenance and Planning Committee, 2004 - 2006.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Marquette University (1998-2002). Chair, University Committee on Faculty Tenure and Promotion, 1998-2002; member, 1997-2002; Chair, Board of Undergraduate Studies, 1999-2002; Administrative Liaison: Aspin Center, Washington, D.C., Haggerty Museum of Art, Educational Opportunity Program, Career Service Center, Student Educational Services; Member, Core Curriculum Review Committee, 2000-2002; Chair, Core Curriculum Assessment Committee, 2000-2002; Member and Organizer, President’s Task Force on Gender Equity and Gender Equity Implementation Task Force, 1999-2002; University Ombudsperson, 2001-02; Member, Dean Search Committee (College of Arts & Sciences), 1999-2001; Chair, Marquette University Faculty Hearing Committee, 1997-98; Member, Marquette University Committee for Selection of Teaching Excellence Awards, 1992, 1995; Member, Academic Senate, 1988-1997; Member, Marquette 2000, Governance Task Force, 1991-1993.

Marquette University Law School. Principal Organizer and Director of Ceremonies, First Annual Marquette Law School Law Alumnae Celebration Dinner, 1997-98; Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1997-1999; (Chair, Teaching Effectiveness Subcommittee, 1991-96); Chair, Clinical Committee, 1995-96; Chair, Faculty Appointments Committee, 1991-1994; Faculty Secretary, 1992-93.

St. Joan Antida High School. Member, Board of Directors 1996-2002; Vice-Chair, 1999-2001.

Marquette University High School. Member, Task Force on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1996.

Center for Ignatian Spirituality. Member, Ministry Council, 1996-1997.

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Member, Wisconsin State Governing Board, 1980-1989; Member, Selection Committee to choose new State Director, 1985-86.

Milwaukee Archdiocesan Synod. Member, Commission on Education, 1986-1987.

Sts. Cecilia & James Catholic School. Member, Task Force on Curriculum Development, 1990; Co-chair, Shamrock 1990 ($50,000 annual auction fundraiser); Member, Joint Governance Board (administered the implementation of the merger of the consolidated school and drafted its By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation, 1983-1985.)

Mequon Junior Kindergarten, Inc. A non-profit cooperative pre-school in the community of Mequon. President, 1981-1983; Secretary, 1983-1984. Administered the relocation and licensure of the school.

St. Mary's Academy High School. Member, Board of Directors, 1975-1980; Member, Principal Search Committee, 1982-1983.

(c)     Legal:

Wisconsin State Elections Board, Member, 1997-2002 (appointee of Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, Wisconsin Supreme Court).

Federal Defender Services of Eastern Wisconsin, Inc., Member, Board of Directors, 1999- 2002.

Wisconsin Supreme Court. Board of Attorneys Professional Responsibility, District II Committee, 1996-1999; Board of Bar Examiners, 1993-1995.

Wisconsin State Public Defender Board. Member, 1989-1996.

Reviewer, Civil Procedure, Little, Brown & Company, Boston, MA, Babcock and Massaro manuscript (Chapters 1, 7 and 8) (1995).

Reviewer, Contract Law in Wisconsin, State Bar of Wisconsin (1995).

National Conference of Bar Examiners, Reviewer, Multi-state Bar Examination, 1989 -1993.

Howard University Law School. Drafted practice multi-state bar examination questions for to be administered to Howard University law students, December, 1990.

Wisconsin Equal Justice Task Force. Member of task force created by Chief Justice Nathan Heffernan, Wisconsin Supreme Court to investigate gender bias in the courts, 1989-1990.

State Bar of Wisconsin. Litigation Section, Reporter, 1986-1992; Committee on Justice and the Judiciary, Reporter, June, 1983 - January, 1984. Chair, Wisconsin State Bar Task Force on Administrative Suspensions, 1988-1989.

Wisconsin Civil Liberties Union. Member, Board of Directors, 1986-1992; Vice President, 1988-1992; Affiliate Counsel, 1986, prepared statement and testified in opposition to Proposed s. 901.08 Wis. Stats. (Assembly Bill 881) before Wisconsin Assembly on Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, March 12, 1986.

(d)     General Community (Omaha):

Women’s Fund of Greater Omaha (philanthropic foundation). Member, Board of Directors, 2003 – 2007; Member, Giving Circle Partners, 2002 – 2007.

Joslyn Castle. Member, Board of Directors, 2003 – 2005.

(e) General Community (Milwaukee):

Milwaukee County Commission for the 21st Century, Member, Courts and Public Safety Subcommittee. (Organized by County Executive Thomas Ament) 1995-1996.

Italian Community Center. Director's Search Committee. 1989 - 1990.

Community and Other Professional Appearances (Relevant Sampling):

Book Review: Sarah's Key, Smith Village Retirement Community, Chicago, IL, June 30, 2011.

Inaugural Address, Mother-Daughter Breakfast, Marist High School, Chicago, IL, May 1, 2011.

Address, "Educating Women: A Woman-Centered Reality," Niagara Foundation, Chicago, IL, May 25, 2011.

12th Annual Honors Program Guest Lecture, "And Justice for All: A Texas Death Row Odyssey," Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL, February 17, 2011.

Keynote Address, "The Feminization of Heroic Leadership," Women's Summit 2010: Our Climate, Our Culture, Creighton University, Omaha, NE, March 19, 2010.

Theology South, "How Faith Influences Leadership," Mercy Convent, September 11, 2010, Chicago, IL

Address, "The Role of University in the 21st Century," League of Women Voters, December 8, 2010, Palos Heights, IL.

Address to the 2009 Entering Class, Dean’s Reception, Marquette University Law School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 28, 2009.

Keynote Address, "Reason and Faith: Forming Character and Promoting Service in a University Committed to Faith and Reason," Faith and Reason Conference, Fordham University, New York, NY, June 17, 2009.

Keynote Address, "Learning, Justice and Faith: Higher Education in the Jesuit Catholic Tradition," Heartland/Delta Faculty Conversations 2009, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, February 28, 2009.

Panelist, Symposium on the Boden Era, Marquette University Law School, Milwaukee, WI, November 13, 2008.

Address, 2008-2009 Chapel Lecture Series, "Learning, Justice and Faith: Higher Education in the Jesuit Catholic Tradition," Loyola University of Chicago, Madonna Della Strada Chapel, Chicago, IL, September 15, 2008.

Keynote Speaker, "Faculty Leadership," AJCU Seminar on Higher Education, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL, June 17, 2008.

Guest Panelist, Marquette University, Jesuit Student Leaders Summit, Milwaukee, WI, August 4, 2007.

Guest Presenter, Marquette University, "Gender Equity at MU and Women as Academic Leaders at Jesuit Universities," Milwaukee, WI, April 20, 2007.

Keynote Speaker, St. Louis University, Ignatian Year Celebration, "Jesuit Higher Education: A Woman’s Perspective," St. Louis, MO, November 7, 2006.

Featured Speaker, St. Louis University, Ignatian Year Celebration, "The Feminine Dimension of Heroic Leadership," St. Louis, MO, November 7, 2006.

Workshop Leader, AJCU Seminar on Higher Education Leadership, "Building Collaboration across a Jesuit University: A Case Study," Loyola Chicago University, Chicago, IL, June 18-22, 2006.

Keynote Speaker, "Katrina: Issues of Race, Class and Poverty," AJCU Conference on Multicultural Affairs, Creighton University, June 15, 2006.

Presenter, "Promising Approaches to Recruitment and Early Formation of Faculty in Catholic Colleges and Universities," Assn. of Catholic Colleges & Universities (ACCU) Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., February 6, 2006.

Keynote Speaker, "Jesuit Education: The Success of our Present; the Constancy of our Past," JASPA Conference, Fordham University, New York, NY, July 18, 2005.

Presenter, "Academic Leadership Workshop," AJCU Seminar on Higher Education Leadership, Loyola Chicago University, Chicago, ILL, June 15-16, 2005.

Keynote Speaker, "Leadership," Marian High School Honor Society, Omaha, NE, November 17, 2004.

Keynote Speaker, "Women in Academic Leadership," Nebraska Women in Higher Educational Leadership Conference, Omaha, NE, March 26, 2004.

Guest Speaker, "Issues Surrounding the Death Penalty," NATA/ATLA Student Groups, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, October 22, 2003.

Panelist, "Wearing Multiple Hats: Ethical and Other Issues," National Assn. of College and University Attorneys (NACUA), Washington, D.C., June 23, 2003.

Guest Lecture, "Ramifications of the Death Penalty, American Bar Association, Student Division, University of Nebraska Lincoln Law School, March 1, 2003.

Guest Lecture, "The Death Penalty: An American Enigma," Ninth Annual Markoe-DePorres Social Justice Lecture, Creighton University, November 5, 2002, Omaha, NE.

Guest Lecture, "Representing the Condemned: Representation of Texas Death Row Inmate Billy Conn Gardner, Pro Bono Publico Society, Creighton University Law School, September 30, 2002.

Presenter, "Death and Justice: Ramifications of Capital Punishment," Human Concerns Commission, St. John’s Cathedral, October 10, 2001, Milwaukee, WI.

Presenter, "Nuts and Bolts of the Fourth Amendment," Wisconsin Public Defender Conference," October 4, 2001, Milwaukee, WI.

Presenter, "Death and Justice: Thoughts from a Not Too Distant Future," Wisconsin Assn. of Criminal Defense Lawyers, June 22, 2001, Madison, WI.

Presenter, "DNA and Genetic Testing Issues," Presidential CLE Showcase Program, Wisconsin State Bar Assn., May 3, 2001, Lake Geneva, WI.

Moderator, "Life and Death in Wisconsin State Prisons," Participation of Women in the Bar Committee, Wisconsin State Bar Assn., May 3, 2001, Lake Geneva, WI.

Presenter, "Representing the Condemned: the Case Against Capital Punishment," Catholic Memorial High School, Apr. 30, 2001, Waukesha, WI.

Guest Lecturer, "History of Crime and Punishment: the Death Penalty," University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Apr. 25, 2001.

Presenter, "Jesuit Core Education: a Process for Implementation," Georgetown University, February 22-24, 2001.

Presenter, "Representing the Condemned: the Case against Capital Punishment," Elm Grove Kiwanis Club, Jan. 12, 2001, Elm Grove, WI.

Keynote Speaker: "Representing the Condemned: the Case Against Capital Punishment," Friends of the Benedict Center, November 9, 2000, Milwaukee, WI.

Presenter (with Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Jeanine P. Geske), "Character Evidence: Problems and Analysis," 2000 WDAA/SPET Summer Conference, June 16, 2000.

Guest Speaker, Keynote Address, Assn. of Women Attorneys of Lake County, May 3, 2000.

Guest Speaker, "Representing the Condemned," St. Robert Parish, Lenten Adult Formation Series, April 9, 2000.

Moderator (with Dean Howard Eisenberg), Governor’s Task Force on Racial Profiling, Structured Public Forum, March 24, 2000.

Presenter, "Jesuit Core Education: Prospects and Projects," Jesuit Core Conference, Seattle University, March 3, 2000.

Workshop, "The Jury Trial in Capital Cases," Conference: Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty, "Beyond Trial and Error: Restoring Justice," October 9, 1999.

Presenter, "Update on Status of Women in Higher Education," Wisconsin Women in Higher Education Leadership 1999 Conference, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, September 17, 1999.

Presenter, Public Forum on the Death Penalty (with District Attorney E. Michael McCann): St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Elm Grove, WI, May 12, 1999; St. Mark’s Church, Kenosha, WI, March 15, 1999.

Guest Presenter, Conversations on Jesuit Pedagogy, Marquette Jesuit Associates, March 16 and October 3, 1999.

Guest Lecturer, Law & Bioethics: "Reproductive Issues: Contraception, Abortion, Maternal/Fetal Conflict," Medical College of Wisconsin, March 10, 1999.

Panelist, National Conference on Wrongful Convictions & the Death Penalty, Northwestern University Law School, November 13, 1998.

Moderator, "Can We Talk? A Conversation About Racism in Milwaukee," First Unitarian Church, February 26, 1998, featuring Hon. Louis Butler, Paulette Copeland, James Hall, Greg Stanford, Willie Little, Joel McNally, Roger Quindel and Leon Todd.

Guest Lecturer, Law & Bioethics: "Reproductive Issues: Contraception, Abortion, Maternal Fetal Conflict," Medical College of Wisconsin, February 25, 1998.

Contributing Commentator, "Wrongly, Punishment Fits the Crime," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 7, 1998, B1.

Guest Appearance, "The Execution of Karla Faye Tucker," 9:00 p.m. Channel 6 TV News, Interview with anchor Mike Bartley, February 2, 1998.

Contributing Commentator, "Law Leaves McVeigh Likely to Face Death," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 4, 1997, A1.

Guest Panelist, " Traditional Alternatives to the Practice of Law: The Bench, Politics, and Academia," Midwest Women in Law Regional Conference, October 11, 1996.

Guest Presenter, "The Ethics of Capital Punishment," with Sr. Helen Prejean, Marquette University, September 24, 1996.

Guest, "Capital Punishment in Wisconsin," Tom Clark Show, WHAD Radio, State Bar of Wisconsin, January 25, 1996.

Guest Commentator, "The Execution of Women," WTMJ Radio with Sherry Preston, January 16, 1996.

Guest Panelist, "The Bill of Rights and Contemporary Society," moderated by Prof. Arthur Miller, Milwaukee Public Library, November 6, 1991.

Moderator, "A Symposium on School Choice," sponsored by the Marquette Law Review and the Marquette School of Education, March 8, 1991.

Panelist, "Miller's Court on Tort Litigation -- Modern Techniques of Judging and Lawyering," moderated by Harvard Law Professor Arthur Miller, Wisconsin Bench and Bar Conference, January 27, 1988.

Commentator/Responder, "The Bork Nomination," with Professor Charles Rice of Notre Dame Law School, September 20, 1987, sponsored by the Marquette Political Science Department and the Marquette Students for Life.

Awards and Other Recognition:

Recognized as a "2010 Most Powerful and Influential Woman of Illinois" by the National Diversity Council at the 2010 Illinois Women’s Conference, Chicago, IL, March 25, 2010.

Christine M. Wiseman, J.D. Scholarship for Disadvantaged Women, Creighton University, June 8, 2007.

Creighton University Magazine, "Letters from Death Row," Pamela A. Vaughn, Spring 2006.

Nominated for the 2006 Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award (American Bar Association), December 2005.

Alpha Sigma Nu, Creighton University, December 6, 2003.

Marquette University Law School, "Distinguished Alumna Award," April 24, 2003.

Marquette University Law School, "Spirit of the Law School" Award, May 19, 2002.

Woman of Influence, "Nonprofit Leadership," The Wisconsin Business Journal, August 18, 2000.

First Recipient, James D. Ghiardi Faculty Award, May, 1996, presented by the Marquette University Law Students for outstanding classroom teaching, student support and scholarship.

Videotape Presenter, "When the State Kills," produced by Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Dorothy K. Dean   (1995) (tape includes Bishop Richard Skilba of the Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese and Rabbi Francis Barry Silberg of Milwaukee).

Recipient, Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation Pro Bono Award, April 26, 1995.

Featured: Milwaukee Magazine (March 1995), The Insider: "Till Death Do Us Part."

Featured: Profile: "Losing Life, When an Appeal Fails," 68 Wisconsin Lawyer 34 (March 1995).

Featured, Milwaukee Sentinel (February 24, 1995), "Innocent or Not, It's Too Late Now for Billy Conn Gardner."

Recipient, Robert and Mary Gettel Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence, 1991, Marquette University.

Profile, Marquette University Annual Report 1991-1992, "Classroom to Courtroom," p. 11.

Wisconsin Lawyer Pro Bono Profiles, "Dead Wrong," by David Tenebaum, 63 Wisconsin Lawyer 29-30 (Sept. 1990).

Volunteer Attorney of the Year Award, ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation, January 14, 1989, for pro bono publico representation of Billy Conn Gardner, Death Row Inmate No. 751, Huntsville, Texas.

Marquette University Law School Editors' Award, presented April 24, 1987. (Given for "advancing scholarship, justice and service to society, and establishing the highest ethical standards to which all law students may aspire.")