General Education Program

Adult General Education Core

The core curriculum for Continuing and Adult Education provides a broad foundation in the Arts and Sciences. The liberally educated person should be aware of the need for communication with other people, insight into human nature, scientific understanding, philosophical reflection, and religious appreciation.

Most adult learners, depending on choice of their major area of specialization, are required to take the following courses in general education. Students who have completed the IAI general education core curriculum should take the coursework listed below.

Course Credits
Foundation Seminar I
ENGL 120


Foundation Seminar II
FOSEM 150/COMM 101


Foundation Seminar III (select one course)
FOSEM-201 - Music
FOSEM 202 - Art or Film 

FOSEM 203 - Mass Communication

FOSEM 205 - Business Communication


 Foundation Seminar IV

FOSEM 200 or applicable college level math required in major


Natural Science
1 life science and 1 physical science


History/Humanities (choose one option)

Option 1 - HISHU - 9 credits

Option 2 - Humanities - 3 credits and History - 6 credits

Option 3 - History 3 credits and Humanities - 6 credits


Social Sciences
Must be from two different disciplines


Philosophy 150


Religious Studies


Philosophy/Religious Studies
3 hours of either Philosophy (except PHIL 150) OR Religious Studies


Interdisciplinary Seminar


FOSEM 100 - Adult College Seminar (for non-traditional students with 30 credits or less) 


ACSU-101 - Adult Student Orientation (ASO)




Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) Transfer Policy

Saint Xavier University is a participant in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). Students who have completed the IAI general education core curriculum (IAI/GECC) are required to take three further Mission Based courses in order to complete their general education requirements:

Philosophy 150: The Examined Life     


One religious studies course              


Interdisciplinary Seminar  


These courses must be taken at Saint Xavier University.

Students have the opportunity to qualify for SXU’s IAI/GECC Articulation Agreement as long as the majority of the general education core has been met prior to transferring. Any remaining Ged Ed may be taken from Saint Xavier University. All other transfer students will be evaluated on an individual basin in terms of SXU General Education requirements.

Flexible Scheduling

Students may take online, hybrid and in-class instruction during the day, evening and/or Saturdays to accommodate the busy lifestyle of adult students. Classes are offered fall, spring and summer sessions.