Vision 2017

Goal 5: Strengthening Academic Programs and Support Services

The University will strengthen the quality and rigor of academic programs.

Objectives and Metrics:

  1. The University will create and monitor internal quality assurance and improvement processes, practices and schedules across all academic programs to effect the Higher Learning Commission's Pathways Model for Continued Accreditation. (2013)
  2. The University, on a regular timeline, will scan academic disciplines and fields of study to identify and develop plans that respond to new trends, markets and directions for program expansion, accreditation and online learning.
  3. The University will increase the first-to-second-year retention rate from 72 percent to 80 percent. (2017)
  4. The University will increase the six-year graduation rate from 55 percent to 60 percent. (2017)
  5. The University, through collaboration with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, will assess and develop structures, practices, services and relationships that improve the integration of academic programming and student support services.
  6. The University will provide the direction, support and resources to increase the number of competitive grant proposals submitted annually by 10 percent and align them with the University's strategic goals and objectives. (2016)
  7. The University will establish an Adjunct Faculty Council that collaborates with the administration and the Faculty Senate to recognize and promote the professional contributions these adjunct faculty make to teaching and learning. (2012)
  8. The University will develop and implement a system to track undergraduate acceptance to graduate and professional programs and increase the overall acceptance rate by one percent for each year up to 2017.