Safety and Security

Annual Fire Safety Report

As required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) enacted on August 14, 2008, Saint Xavier University's Annual Fire Safety Report is available at Public Safety's Crime Statistics and Reporting Web page. A hard copy of the fire log, as well as information older than 60 days, will be available to the public at the Department of Public Safety at the Campus Service Center.

Fire alarm evacuation procedures are posted in each room in on-campus housing facilities. All persons must evacuate the building immediately upon hearing the fire alarm, using the nearest, clear and smoke free, exit away from the affected area. It is important to use the stairwells and do not use the elevators. Persons with disabilities who need assistance exiting the building must proceed to the nearest stairwell landing away from the affected area to await rescue by Chicago Fire Department personnel. Persons may be directed by authorized personnel to proceed to a safe designated area away from the building. Persons will be authorized to re-enter the building once the all-clear signal has been issued by the Fire Department or Public Safety Officials.

Saint Xavier University maintains strict policies on the use of portable electrical appliances, smoking and open flames in student housing facilities. A microwave convection oven is furnished in each room of the suite style residence halls. Microwaves are permitted in university apartments provided they are properly installed in the kitchen. Refrigerators are provided in all university apartments and in suite style residence halls. In the common areas of Regina and Pacelli Residence Halls, there are microwaves available for use. Microwaves are not allowed in the students' private rooms in either two halls because neither is equipped for such electrical usage. Absolutely no cooking (including popcorn) may be done in student rooms in Regina and Pacelli Halls or other unauthorized areas in any residence hall. Compact refrigerators are allowed in private student rooms in Regina and Pacelli Halls providing the following maximum limits are observed:

Smoking is not allowed in university housing. Additional items not allowed in university housing are: incense, candles, flammable/combustible liquids, and electrical appliances (i.e. space heaters, halogen lamps and any appliances with exposed heating elements).

Fire Safety System

Each suite style room in on-campus housing facilities is equipped with a sprinklers system that follows fire code for the City of Chicago. These sprinklers will be activated by intense heat and will emit several hundred gallons of water in a very short time. The fire systems within these suite style residence halls also include heat detectors, pull stations, smoke detectors, trouble indicators and anunciator panels. The system is also monitored 24 hours daily, seven days weekly, by ADT alarm monitoring company.

Regina, a traditional residence-style hall, is equipped with fire alarm pull stations on every floor, trouble indicators, heat detectors and enunciator panels. Regina Hall’s garden level, first floor, lobby and second floor now have a complete sprinkler system in place.

Pacelli, another traditional residence-style hall, is equipped with a sprinkler system, fire alarm pull stations on every floor, heat detectors, smoke detectors in each room, trouble indicators and annunciator panels.

University-owned apartment building located at 10140 South Pulaski Avenue, Oak Lawn, IL 60453 is equipped with hard-wired smoke detectors in each apartment.

Procedure for Fire Safety Education and Training

On an annual basis, several actions are taken by the University to ensure fire safety awareness.  Fire Extinguisher training is offered, upon request, to any campus community member on a year round basis. The Emergency Guide for the University is distributed and posted in classrooms to educate the campus community on fire procedures. Yearly, the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management educates the Residence Life staff on fire extinguisher handling and usage, and with general procedures for fire evacuation. University students and residents are also made aware of fire safety and University procedures by means of student housing floor meetings and the student handbook that is distributed yearly.

Personnel to be notified in Event of a Fire

Plans for Future Improvement for Fire Safety

As part of a multi-year plan, the following housing facilities are scheduled to be enhanced by the integration of a sprinkler system: Regina Hall (3rd floor) and University Apartment building, 10140 South Pulaski, Oak Lawn, IL 60453. Coordinate additional planned fire drills for all university housing facilities with the Chicago Fire Department.

Note: There were 6 pre-planned residence hall fire drills during the reporting period. Additionally, there were sixteen alarm activations and building evacuations between Regina and Pacelli Halls, which resulted in the deployment of the Chicago Fire Department.

Saint Xavier University 2013 Housing Fire Statistics

Residence Hall Number of Fires Cause Deaths Injuries Damages Total
Regina Hall  DNA 0 0 0 0
Pacelli Hall 0 DNA 0 0 0 0
McCarthy Hall 0 DNA 0 0 0 0
Morris Hall 0 DNA 0 0 0 0
Rubloff Hall 0 DNA 0 0 0 0
O'Brien Hall 0 DNA 0 0 0 0
10140 Pulaski Apt. 0 DNA 0 0 0 0