Federal Work Study Workshop

Summer Workshops

Thank you for your interest in one of our summer workshops! If you weren't able to attend either the Undecided Student Workshop or one of the Federal Work Study Workshops, contact the Office of Admission at admission@sxu.edu or 844-GOTO-SXU (844-468-6798). Our counseling staff can assist you with questions about choosing a major or applying for on-campus employment.

Contact Career Services for more detailed information about using the Cougar Jobs website to apply for current student employment positions. View the instructions to apply for on-campus employment in the On-Campus Employment (PDF). Learn more about the Office of Career Services.

Federal Work Study Workshops

Students may apply for on-campus jobs to help pay for educational expenses. Although securing a job on campus is not a guarantee, our office of Career Services would like to assist you in every way possible in earning Federal Work Study dollars through campus employment. There is no fee to attend our workshops.

Undecided Student/Undeclared Major Workshop

This workshop helps students who are unsure which major to pursue. Our workshop explains how Saint Xavier offers the services and mentoring needed to assist students in finding a major and career path. Staff from Career Services will present on the opportunities available to undecided students. You will learn why SXU can be the right choice even if you are unsure about your major or career path.


Registration is now closed. For questions regarding resources for Undecided students or student employment, contact the Admission Office at admission@sxu.edu or 844-GOTO-SXU (844-468-6798).