Summer Sessions

Summer Course Offerings

May Term

Section Title General Education Offerings
BIOL-117-01 Exercise Physiology Fulfills Life Science
BIOL-207-01 Nutrition Fulfills Life Science, Community-Based Learning
BIOL-312-01 Plant Diversity/Adaptation  
BIOLB-312-01 Plant Diversity/Adapt/Lab  
BIOL-330-01 Cadaver Dissection  
BIOL-330-02 Cadaver Dissection   
EDU-360-04 Ed Workshops:Liter for Child  
ENGL-260-01 Special Topics: Vampires and Film Fulfills Literature
ENGL-260-03 Special Topics:Bulgakov Master/Margarit Fulfills Global Studies, Literature
ENGL-260-04 Lit for Child-YoungAdult P-12  
FINC-200-01 Personal Finance  
FINC-399-01 Financial Trading  
HIST-250-01 Workers Unions in Chicago Fulfills History
MATH-223-01 History of Math for Teachers Fulfills Global Studies
MGMT-250-01 Computer Applications in Business  
MGMT-330-01 Diversity in Organizations Fulfills Diversity Studies
MGMT-351-01 Project Management  
MUS-131-01 Rock 'n' Roll: An Introduction Fulfills Fine Arts
NURS-383-01 Reminiscing: The Art & Science Fulfills Interdisciplinary Studies
NURS-383-02 Intro to Emergency Nursing  
PHIL-150-01 The Examined Life Fulfills Philosophy
PHIL-242-01 Philosophy in the Yellowstone Fulfills Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Studies
PSYCH-242-01 Stress Management  
PSYCH-311-01 Physiological Psych  
RELST-252-01 Third World Religious Views Fulfills Global Studies, Religious Studies
RELST-286-01 Medieval Spirituality Fulfills Religious Studies, Global Studies
SOC-210-01 Sociology of the Family Fulfills Social Science
SOC-325-01 Race,Class,Gender & Law Fulfills Multi-Cultural, Women and Gender Studies, Latino Studies, African-American Studies
SOC-370-01 Special Topics:Reminiscing Fulfills Interdisciplinary Studies

June Term

Section Title General Education Offerings
ART-101-01 Drawing I  
ART-160-01 Special Topics:Films About Paintings Fulfills Fine Arts
BIOL-303-01 Biostatistics  
CJ-202-01 Introduction To Corrections  
EDU-200-01 Profession of Teaching Fulfills Interdisciplinary Seminar
EDU-367-01 Linguistics for Educators   
ENGL-260-02 Special Topics: Pasternak's Dr Zhivago Fulfills Global Studies, Literature, International Specialization
ENGL-354-01 Bus Prof Writing  
MATH-131-01 Finite Mathematics Fulfills Mathematics
MUS-150-01 Special Topics:World Music Cultures Fulfills Fine Arts, Global Studies
NURS-390-01 Health Policy and Politics  
PHIL-150-02 The Examined Life Fulfills Philosophy
PHYS-201-01 General Physics I Fulfills Physical Science
PHYSL-201-01 General Physics I Lab  
POLSC-208-01 Intro to Public Admin  
POLSC-241-01 Amer Soc/Poli Thought Fulfills Social Science, Interdisciplinary Seminar, Diversity Studies
PSYCH-300-01 Statistics/Soc.Sci.  
RELST-210-01 Roman Catholic Tradition Fulfills Religious Studies
RELST-241-01 Hindu Tradition Fulfills Foreign Culture, International Specialization, Multi-Cultural, Religious Studies, Global Studies

June/July Term

Section Title General Education Offerings
ACCT-331-01 AIS  
ASL-160-01 Special Topics:ASL I  
BIOL-101-01 Prin/Mthd/Biology  
BIOL-203-01 Human Physiology  
BIOLB-203-01 Human Physiology Lab
BIOL-206-01 Microbiology  
BIOLB-206-01 Microbiology Lab  
BIOL-250-01 Special Topics:Molecular Biology Tech  
CHEM-108-01 Prin Organ/Bio Chem  
CHEML-108-01 Prin Organ/Bio Chem Lab  
CHEM-112-01 General Chemistry II Fulfills Physical Science
CHEML-112-01 General Chemistry II Lab  
COMM-101-01 Speech Fundamentals  
FINC-300-01 Finance  
FINC-310-01 Money & Banking  
MATH-105-01 Liberal Arts Mathematics  
MATH-112-01 College Algebra  
MGMT-361-01 Training & Workplace Learning  
MGMT-380-01 Business, Ethics, and Society  
MGMT-390-01 Business Strategy  
MKTG-355-01 Social Media Marketing  
MKTG-399-01 Advertising & Product Placement  
MUSAP-201-01 Applied Piano Fulfills Literature/Fine Arts
NURS-212-01  Intro Pharm Concepts of Nurs  
NURS-282-01  Concepts in Prof Nursing  
NURS-326-01  Hlth Assmnt in Nurs Practice  
NURSL-326-01  Hlth Assmnt in Nurs Prac Lab  
NURSL-326-02  Hlth Assmnt in Nurs Prac Lab  
NURS-328-01  Mentoring in Prof Nursing  
NURS-336-01  Intro Nurs Thrptcs Illness Mgt  
NURS-346-02  Ethical Legal Spirit Dim  
NURS-356-01  Nurs Rsrch:connect Rsrch Pract  
NURSP-337-01  Intro Nur Therap Ill Mgmt Prc  
NURSP-337-02  Intro Nur Therap Ill Mgmt Prc  
PSYCH-303-01 Human Motivation  

July Term

Section Title General Education Offerings
EDU-202-01 Educational Psych  
EDU-323-01 Sur/Students/Except/Reg/Tchr  
EDU-368-01 Assmnt of Bilingual Students  
HIST-104-01 U.S. Hist Since 1877 Fulfills History
MATH-132-01 Business Statistics Fulfills Mathematics
MATH-222-01 Statistics for Teachers  
PHYS-202-01 General Physics II Fulfills Physical Science
PHYSL-202-01 General Physics II Lab  
RELST-271-01 Jesus & the Gospels Fulfills Religious Studies