Vision 2017

Goal 2: Stewarding University Resources

The University will steward, develop and ensure the quality of its human, physical and financial resources through the formation of Mission- and Vision-based policies and practices that support the hiring, retention and professional development of a diverse faculty and staff and the effective use of resources to support student learning.

Objectives and Metrics:

  1. The University will adopt and implement an annual review process of all University academic programs and University support units based on data derived from tracking, benchmarking and analyzing revenues, costs and operational overhead. (2013)
  2. The University will develop a comprehensive recruitment, enrollment and financial plan that addresses financial stability, reduces debt, prioritizes its most pressing capital needs, provides for the ongoing maintenance, renovation or replacement of existing facilities and allows for the purchase of new facilities, properties and technologies. (2013)
  3. The University will identify the key variables and methodology for determining the optimal enrollment of the University, both size and mix, including financial implications. (2014)
  4. The University will use tools, metrics and benchmarks, for example, NSSE (National Study of Student Engagement) student satisfaction indicators, to measure and improve satisfaction levels in student services by no less than 2 percent per year.
  5. The University will provide and review the evaluation and self-assessment instruments of its workforce in order to monitor and ensure individual and departmental progress toward a student-centered vision. (2012)
  6. The University will ensure that all campus units implement a consistent and legally compliant plan to recruit, hire, orient and support the professional development of a diverse and qualified workforce. (2012)
  7. The University will develop a set of metrics to inventory all job positions, assess whether they continue to support the University's strategies for recruitment, hiring and retention and are compliant with appropriate regulations and laws. (2012)
  8. The University will develop a comprehensive technology plan providing for administrative systems that support a student-centered vision. (2014)
  9. The University will continue to develop, implement and promulgate environmentally sustainable responses to facility and operational issues as acts of stewardship that respond to Mission, enhance student learning and contribute to thought leadership.