Choosing Your Career or Major

Choosing Your Career or Major

Make an Informed Career Decision

Career planning is a process through which you learn more about yourself and about the world of work in order to make intentional and informed plans for your professional future.

Helpful Career Planning Steps at SXU

  1. Self-Assessment: Through a variety of resources, including personality and interest inventories and the Illinois Career Information System, our counselors can help guide you through a self-discovery process in order to determine the best career fit.
  2. Occupational Exploration: Once you discover how your personality, interests and values fit with the world of work, your counselor will help you in the process of occupational exploration using both Internet resources and printed material.
  3. Decision Making: Through re-evaluation of information you have gained to this point, you and your counselor can determine the necessary goals needed to help you choose a career direction.
  4. Reality Testing: Next, you can confirm your career choices by gaining experience related to your chosen field through our Internship Program and by talking with established professionals about the true nature of the work through our Alumni Career Network.
  5. Job Searching: Finally, as you get closer to graduation, you have the opportunity to use our Job Search Skills Services, which includes assistance with resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, job fair preparation and job search techniques.

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