Campus Life

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of events does the Department of Campus Life sponsor?

The Department of Campus Life offers many different types of events that appeal to a wide variety of interests. Some annual programs and events include:

  • New Student Programs
    • First Day for First-Years & New Student Induction
    • Welcome Week
    • Winter Week
  • Student Activities
    • RSO Advising & Support
    • RSO Fair (Registered Student Organization)
    • ROOTS - Registered Student Orientation Officer Training Series
    • SXC Events (Saint Xavier Council)
  • Annual Events
    • Homecoming Week
    • Finals Breakfast
  • Multicultural Heritage Month Events
    • Hispanic Heritage Month
    • Diversity Awareness Week
    • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Events
    • Black History Month
    • Women's History Month
  • Leadership Programs
    • Scarlet & Gray Awards
    • Student Leadership Process

Are events free?

The events and programs sponsored in conjunction with Campus Life are greatly subsidized by the University's Student Activity Fund (SAF). Each semester, full-time undergraduate students pay a Student Activity Fee along with tuition and other fees; this fee contributes to the Activity Fund, which provides for major campus speakers, off campus trips, student organization activities and more. It allows students to enjoy no-cost admission to almost all campus events. A few events such as Spring Formal have a small fee.

How can I participate in Campus Life? Events and activities? Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)?

Student participation is always welcomed. At the beginning of each academic year, the RSO Fair is held, at where student organizations are represented to inform students of their missions and activities, to help recruit members and to share news of their programs and events with the campus community.

Through widespread publication of programs and activities on campus, students can learn of involvement opportunities first hand. Each organization continually recruits, and major programs are open to all students. There is no shortage of involvement opportunities at Saint Xavier.

How do I start a new student organization?

Starting a new student organization is very easy. First, you will need at least 10 other SXU students to form an organization and a faculty/staff advisor that will assist the organization. Fill out the application form (PDF) and create a constitution, using our Sample Constitution (PDF) as a guide. These materials should then be submitted to the Department of Campus Life (L-103). For more information, download the application letter (PDF), which will walk you through the process.

How do I find out about activities and events on campus?

You may receive direct email related to events (be sure to check your mymail.sxu.edu account). You may also want to look at the flyers and bulletin boards in the Student Activities hallway (near the SXU Diner). Most events can also be found on Saint Xavier News. Also, don't forget to check your Student Handbook and Planner (available in Warde Academic Center, Room L-208 or L-103).

May I bring guests to campus events?

Guests are generally allowed at all campus events. A ticketed event will require you to purchase a ticket for your guest. Some events may be restricted to enrolled students or adults. If in doubt, contact the sponsoring organization.