Financial Aid

Study Abroad Financial Aid

Saint Xavier University students can participate in two types of programs abroad:

  1. SXU sponsored short-term programs led by SXU faculty members.
  2. Non-SXU sponsored short-term, semester and academic year programs organized by other U.S. universities or program providers.

When you participate in a non-SXU sponsored study abroad program, you are concurrently registered here, which allows you to retain many forms of student financial aid while you are abroad. In reviewing study abroad program costs, you will find that many semester long programs are equal to the cost of one semester on campus (including tuition, housing and meals).

Once you have decided on a study abroad program, make an appointment to meet with Jackie Griffin, assistant director of Financial Aid. Bring the SXU or non-SXU sponsored program cost sheet with you, including estimated out-of-pocket costs, such as spending money. You can contact Jackie Griffin at 773-298-3074 or at jgriffin@sxu.edu.

Be sure to allow adequate time to process financial aid forms for overseas programs.

Note: The SXU tuition waiver cannot be applied to non-SXU sponsored study abroad programs.