Vision 2017

Goal 4: Increasing Visibility and Endowed Support

The University will be recognized by local, regional, state and national
business, philanthropic and political leaders as a vibrant community asset worthy of their increasing investment in its success.

Objectives and Metrics:

  1. The University will increase its endowment to $15 million. (2017)
  2. The University will attract 10 new named and endowed scholarships. (2015)
  3. The University, in particular, will establish a $20,000 Student-Faculty Partnership Endowment by 2013, increasing it to $1 million by 2020, in order to fund at least one $1,000 grant per year through 2020 and generate $50,000 annually thereafter to support collaborative student-faculty research or creative projects.
  4. The University will initiate a fundraising campaign to focus on campus enhancements (including sciences), student scholarships and infrastructure improvements.
  5. The University will work with its Board of Trustees to increase diversity and broaden its recruitment of members from the greater Chicago business community. (2015)
  6. The University will increase the percentage of alumni donors from 10 percent to 12 percent, thus placing the University among the top third of Midwest master's institutions. (2014)
  7. The University will capitalize on its significant economic contribution to the community by completing and promoting an economic impact statement. (2012)